Real Quotes from Passionate Meat-Eaters

Hey friends,

So recently, after about 3 failed attempts, I decided to become vegetarian. Yes, this is where my dream of inhaling an endless bowl of Ikea Swedish meatballs must die. This was something that I wanted to do for my own health, and I guess.. a little personal experiment. The results? Amazing. But I can save that for another post.

There’s something about telling someone you don’t eat meat that kind of sets them off. Bewilderment. Confusion. Disturbance. Mind blown to pieces. Here are a few their hilarious responses:

“So, like, you eat nothing?”

Yeah, dude. I eat nothing. I actually filter-feed on air particles.

“But you NEED protein.”

Greens, beans, nuts, seeds, soy.. I get plenty. (most people eat way more than needed.. See this great site on The Protein Myth)

“But we were MADE to eat it. Like we have those canine teeth. We were made to rip apart the meat!”

This dude had a point, though! I used to always savagely rip apart my meat bones, blood, scales n’ all with my bare teeth. So fun. So natural feeling. On the real though, our bodies aren’t designed for meat. Here’s a good site with some proof.

 “If we don’t eat them, they’ll eat us.”

If you have ever seen the “???” man meme, that was me in that moment.


I honestly don’t even think I had a response for this one.

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Real Quotes from Passionate Meat-Eaters

  1. lmao i’ve been a vegetarian for four years so i found this very enjoyable. people react really weirdly to vegetarians like???


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