I Like My Meat Like My Exes…

Hey Friends,

So here I am post-break up with meat, and I swear sometimes it feels a little too familiar. Meat seems to be the Significant Other that your family actually liked and is a little too concerned when the relationship ends.

You’ll have conversation starters like this:

“So how’s life without Meat?”
“I bet you really miss Meat, don’t you?”

*Eye roll* Anyway, speaking of meat as an ex, I can definitely say it’s the worst.
But this is because I’m easily able to categorize it into the 3 types of post-breakup exes we’ve all had. Meat is everywhere and he doesn’t want you to let go.
Let’s take a closer look..

  1. The Stalker: You’re hungry and driving down the street, living your vegetarian life, feeling free and doing so well. Images of Meat keep popping up on the side of the road. Here we go again… Crispy Chicken Sandwiches, Quarter pounders, 10 Piece Nuggets, Tacos. On TV, the radio, magazines, websites, social media. Meat is watching you, missing you, begging for you to come back. But from afar. Because they know you don’t want them.. Sound familiar?
  2. The Reasoner: “OK maybe we can compensate and adjust. Maybe we were just spending too much time together and that’s why you’re getting sick of me,” says Meat. You really consider this. Maybe if I just cut down, it will be okay. But the truth is, you really weren’t meant to be. *tears*
  3. The Liar: “You will never have anything as good as me… You need me. I’m good for you,” says Meat. *Reads “The World Health Organization has deemed that processed meats — such as bacon, sausages and hot dogs — can cause cancer.” on NPR’s article, Bad Day For Bacon.* (you should really read this.) When will the lies stop?They don’t.

I think we can all agree.. break ups are hard, but you’re not alone.
Dealing with toxic exes and lifestyle change is something people go through every day. The strength comes from making the decision to put yourself—and your health— first. No matter how hard that may seem to be.

Thanks for reading!
Take care.


P.S. Not the best at photography, but definitely going to work on more fun stuff in the future! More to come.

3 thoughts on “I Like My Meat Like My Exes…

      1. Wow , not even sure how to respond .. just to say thank you !! I really love to photo . You can also find me in fb (Steve Edreff ) and instagram ( street_views ) if you would like to follow along . Sometimes I get slow here . Hope you get the chance to come up soon, it’s much better when it’s warm . I actually may be in North Carolina next Month , a designer wanted to bring me there to shoot a calendar for her .


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