The Before & After

Hey Friends,

So in my last few posts, I touched on having difficulties in lifestyle change especially when it comes to my diet and its challenges. I knew that deciding to live clean, healthy, and meat-free seemed like a self-induced pain—why would I do that to myself if I knew it was going to be hard? But there’s a bigger picture.

Never in a million years would I have wanted to give up meatballs and cheesesteak Hotpockets. My safety. The loves of my life. And honestly, I liked the taste of chicken way more than I cared about images of chicken slaughter houses. When you are eating something that tastes like it was personally carved by the hands of angels in heaven, carcinogens are the last thing on your mind.

Fast forward about 5 days into this terrible vegetarian diet, and this is what I found:

1. The amount of energy I have throughout my day is incredible. I no longer feel like I need to pass out for 5 hours after eating a meal. I wake up easily and I’m able to be way more active.

2. I no longer have migraines. This one was extremely shocking to me because I suffered from them almost daily for about two years.

3. I lost weight. In that first week, I lost 3 pounds and could actually see the change in my appearance. Accompanied by my daily workouts, seeing these results so soon was amazing.

4. I’m happier. Not having to deal with previous health problems made me feel so much better about myself. I gained a new confidence and strength that I haven’t felt before.

Alright, so hearing some of my benefits of vegetarianism is interesting, but sometimes that’s just not enough. Here are a couple before and after photos. Just a side note, I’m using these photos as personal documentation of my health journey & progress. I also use them for motivation, which I highly recommend!


Thanks for reading!
Take care.


P.S. Starting this Friday, posts will be regular. Stay tuned every Monday & Friday!


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