I Finally Tried Pre-workout

Hey Friends,

So, as we all know, I’m new relatively new to the health train (or at least commitment). But that just means I have a whole adventure ahead of me..with some great people like you to follow me through it.

I decided to spend my day off watching this documentary on the CrossFit Games and I swear if you know what it is or do research on it, it will make you feel like the laziest human in existence.. But also extremely inspired.

These athletes endure intense, sometimes excruciating, training 24/7 to compete with one thing in mind: Being the best and physically fit version of themselves. The competition consists of a series of aerobic/weight lifting workouts, while presenting them with new workouts they don’t know about until competition. Thus, these athletes must be prepared and trained for anything that’s thrown their way. The winner of the Games is crowned The Fittest Man/Woman on Earth. (Fittest Woman on Earth 2015 & 2016: Katrin Davidsdottir and Fittest Man 2016: Mathew Fraser).

What really piqued my interest was that these athletes had a mindset that– yes, winning the games is an honor and an incredible accomplishment, but the real reward is becoming the most mentally/physically fit person they could possibly be. The competition was less me vs. them and more me vs. me. Pushing yourself to your limits and shocking yourself when you defy them. That’s entirely why I want to push for overall health –because everyone deserves to have that feeling and being proud of themselves.

So moving along, recently I decided to dip into something I actually knew nothing about yet: pre-workout. What is pre-workout? It’s essentially a mixture of supplements and high doses of caffiene etc. in order to increase energy and focus during any intense workout. The ingredients increase blood flow and heart rate giving the consumer that “buzz” or “power” needed to push to the limit. From what I gathered, the dangers of pre-workout hide in the shadow of its glamour and popularity. As you would assume, many pre-workouts can contain substances that may be banned or lead to serious health issues. (see dimethylamylamine aka. DMAA) Anyway given its popularity, I had to see how my workout would feel.

The product I tried was Amino Build Next Gen by Muscle Tech powder, nothing too intense. I mixed 2 scoops (about 18g) with 16oz of water and less than 15 minutes later started feeling restless and ready to go. After adding in extra sets because I wasn’t burning enough, I don’t think I’ve ever pushed myself harder in any arms and ab  workout before.. Now I get it.

Overall, I definitely want to keep my eye out for safe and effective pre-workouts for the future so if anyone has suggestions, I’d love it. I probably wouldn’t want to incorporate that into a daily routine since I already consume a high amount of caffeine as it is, but I admit it was fun!

Thanks For Reading!


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