My Beginner Vegetarian Grocery List & More

Hey Friends,

So making a lifestyle change to become vegetarian can be pretty scary. And what I mean by that is buying unfamiliar brands, not knowing if you’re in the right store, or finding yourself lost and not even sure what you’re supposed to be buying–that was me over a month ago.

I’m currently moving into a new apartment this coming week, so eventually I’m going to make posts about some of favorite brands, recipes, and more (so stay tuned for that!) But for now, I’ve decided to create a basic list of vegetarian essentials that can get me (and you) through the week.

Vanilla Soy Milk 2.24 (For my coffee, cereal, basic milk replacement.. I just like the flavor better than actual milk)
Egg Whites 4.57 (Omelets, crepes**)
Veggie Bacon 3.58 (can cook, cut, and eat on a salad)
Bananas .50 (for protein shakes)
Peanut Butter 5.78
Fiber (Benefiber powder-no taste) 10.87 (I put a scoop of this magic in my coffee every morning, ha)
Organic Protein 25.49 (Shakes, and crepes** okay, quick secret crepe recipe: 1 scoop protein, about 1/2 cup of egg white, and a tbsp of water… amazing. fill it with strawberries or chocolate for a good time)
Coffee 6.52 (This is only essential because I drink it religiously)
Baby Spinach 2.68 (For my fancy omelets, quesadillas)
Salsa 2.48 (Omelets, cheese quesadillas)
Shredded Cheese 4.39
Corn Tortillas 3.32
Wheat Bread 2.88
Organic honey 5.28
Vegan Cream Cheese 4.49
Baby potatoes 4.97
canned green beans, corn, black beans
Frozen mixed veggies 5.98
Frozen/non frozen mixed berries and fruits (fruits can be incorporated in so many different meals)
-Brown/white rice, quinoa 
VEGAN ICE CREAM (Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie kills me)

I’m not currently vegan, though I have cut down on dairy significantly. Most of these items I don’t even have to buy frequently because of the amount used (protein, fiber, peanut butter, honey, salsa). I also love trying the meat substitutes whenever I get the chance to help with occasional cravings (black bean sliders, “chicken” sandwiches) so turning grocery shopping into an adventure is always fun. The prices listed are a general Walmart/Harris Teeter estimate, but you may find them cheaper near you.

I hope this basic list aids in your own journey and gives you an idea of what you’re looking for if you’re wanting to go in a different direction! Going vegetarian is a great way for you to learn something new in the kitchen, and challenge yourself to get more creative with your meals. Hope you have a great week!

Thanks for reading!


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