A New Chapter

Hey Friends,

Another year in college and a new chapter in my life begins.

As I make this transition back into college life, I’m mindful of habits and routines I must continue on my own. My freshman year consisted of family pizza nights, Cookout tray runs, and Chick-Fil-A almost two meals a day. Although it sounds nice, I can’t forget the stomach aches, extra naps, and that constant heavy and greasy feeling I had.

My university had a limited amount of healthy options (vegan options almost non-existent) but I’m deciding to take things into my own hands this time around…

Grocery lists, planning out my meals, and using the stove/oven like never before. I never really considered myself culinarily inclined, but so far the kitchen has been a pretty fun place to spend time in. Cooking with people you love has been one of the most amazing ways I’ve strengthened relationships and can’t wait to see what this year has in store for you and I!

If you don’t really know your way around kitchen, I challenge you this week to recipe search for a meal you love and complete it with the help of someone special. Memories like these last forever.

Best Wishes!



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