Why We Stopped Caring

Hey Friends,

It’s been so long since I really sat down and got my thoughts out.
Since classes, work, and other obligations started, I looked at my writing as just another thing I had to add to my list. I kept telling myself, don’t force yourself to say something, it’s less meaningful when it’s forced. This is true–and applicable to different situations…

Anyway! So a little update with me, then we’ll get into the serious stuff for a bit.
Vegetarianism going strong, not as many cravings. I have some good simple meals planned for the week: vegetable stir-fry with no-meat ground beef, fruit salad, and maybe attempting a recipe with gnocchi. Usually I make large portions of meals to get me through the week.
I haven’t been hardcore ab training since the beginning of August, but I’m picking up again soon now that I have my schedules figured out. I’ve been trying my best to stay active: biking, going out and walking more to make up for the lack of it all. Maybe it’s just me but when I’m laying in bed after a day of not sweating intensely, I can’t help but think.. Wow you’re a little too comfortable right now.

Which brings me to my point of this post. How many of us maybe have that feeling and think, “But it’s not gonna kill me if I just skip a workout today.”

As I stopped my ab workouts and intense exercise for a few weeks, (which I admit I could have set aside at least 30 minutes per day to do) I began to notice myself kind of get into this ‘It’s Not Gonna Kill Me If I Don’t ______’ routine. And simply help myself stop caring.

It’s not gonna kill me if I don’t take my contacts out while I sleep this week.” My dumb ass thought before I endured a two week eye infection.

Sometimes we gotta feel to know it’s real– I’m saying people don’t understand consequences until they’re staring at infection, the scale, or even testing positive for a disease…which is probably why we should care just a little bit more about ourselves.

Straying from that ‘It’s not gonna kill me if I don’t _____’ routine is hard, though.
That’s the thing. We apply it to everything. Almost every bad choice we ever make in life. From eating another cupcake to sexting.

But minimizing the long-term consequences that actually can harm us is where we go wrong.

We can say, it’s not gonna kill me if I don’t ______ *insert anything here all day long*.
But the truth is, something will kill us eventually (incase you forgot). And caring just a little bit more about our health choices can spare ourselves extra days, months, or even years of this beautiful life to experience and run around in.

I hope you guys have an awesome week and take care of yourself!
Thanks for reading!



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