120 Days Later

Hey friends,

Happy October and all that.

To me, we’re at the start of the most exciting time of the year. This is the time where it’s socially acceptable for all of us to get a little weird. And don’t think you don’t apply to that statement…

What other time of year does your whole family pose around a giant orange fruit? I’ll let you “normal” people think about that.

Anyway, it’s been 120 days vegetarian with regular exercise and I’m here to tell you I’m not dead.

Pasta dishes, rice bowls, quesadillas, salads, so many vegetables, fruit, wraps, peanut butter, eggs, and vegan meat has been filling most voids and I’ve been feeling great as usual. Basically still following and working with my grocery list from a past post & I’ve been getting along perfectly.

Something pretty new: I’ve been going to the gym multiple times a week. Actually creating an organized workout plan (arm, shoulder days/ core, back, leg days) allowed me to have a plan when I get there instead of go straight to the treadmill or do a bunch of random machines without a method. I write this plan in my iPhone’s notes. I even bring a group of people with me to do the workouts I create and it’s been one of the best and fun decisions I’ve made this year. Spending time venting and releasing stress with great friends and trying new exercises really pushed me out of my box. No pre-workout, no energy drinks, etc., just water.

Moving along… I wanted to clarify that although I have counted the days of this meat absence, I’m committed to this change for the rest of my life. My access to so many different vegan meats mostly covers my frequent cravings, but truly denying them takes a ton of self-discipline still to this day. Seeing my results is where the true motivation and continuation comes in. People often ask where I get recipe ideas from and where to start, so here are a couple links that are full of awesome vegetarian recipes:


Food Network Vegetarian Recipes
Oh My Veggies – Plant-based
Cookie And Kate
Cook The Beans (my favorite site to explore)

I hope you guys have a safe and spooky October!

Thanks for reading,



2 thoughts on “120 Days Later

  1. Hmmm, im pretty sure I saw you eating a turkey leg at the NC STATE fair….I dont know if I should state this explicitly but oh heck you FRAUD! Anyway, thats beside the point, great post, oh and when are you going to start reppin’ that vegan lifestyle? Come on girl, take the plunge!
    Ttyl ❤


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