Happy Tofurkey Day?

Hey Friends!

It’s the last day of November and I can say I successfully made it through Thanksgiving festivities and also survived urges to eat the entire turkey by myself. Just a side note, I did not actually buy a Tofurkey this year (a turkey-seasoned blob of tofu). BUT! I did eat my body weight in stuffing and pumpkin pie, of course.

This may be late, but here are 21 Vegetarian Stuffing Recipes you can try and add to your 2018 Thanksgiving menu! Enjoy.

Anyways, as much as I love the holiday season, this is my first year of avoiding traditions such as homemade sausage cheese balls, turkey, and more. So I needed a little extra support to get me through this difficult time (pray for me). It’s been 168 days, getting close to half a year vegetarian! I can’t believe I am still doing this, but I cannot forget that the decision to throw meat out of my life has made room for personal growth, strength, and many health benefits I didn’t see coming.

I think of this post as a ‘homecoming’ post. I felt that, this month, I needed to come back to why I’m doing this, how my life is impacted, and the reward of it all. I’ve done extensive research on this lifestyle, created a plan for myself, and took the plunge. But it gets extremely hard when you come across a day dedicated to the consumption of birds. SO… Let’s look at a some major health benefits of becoming a vegetarian (with sources)!

  1. Mood Improvement!
    -Croatia’s Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health conducted mental health surveys amongst vegetarians and found them to have lower levels of neuroticism. Source
  2. Reduce Chances of Diabetes
    -Information published by George Washington University School of Medicine has revealed that vegetarian diets offer an important benefit for the management of diabetes and can even reduce the likelihood of development by one half. Source
  3. Reduce Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
    -A study by the JCU University Skin Cancer Research Clinic confirmed that there is a relationship between a vegetarian diet and decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. Source

These are only few of the many you will find, searching through scholarly articles. When I first started this diet, I personally experienced results within a few weeks. These included: fewer headaches, no more stomach cramps, better sleep, and more energy. You can read about them in this previous post. I highly encourage you to remember that all bodies are different and one may experience benefits or changes from a day to many months. Also, when reading studies, CORRELATION DOES NOT EQUAL CAUSATION.

As always, thank you so much for keeping up with my posts.
Take care!



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