How to Check Your Mental & Emotional Health

Hey Friends,

So it’s been awhile and I can honestly say that I’ve been through a whirlwind of change in the last few months. Seeing my body through negative and positive changes and tending to mental health has been taking up the majority of my time – distancing me from writing. But don’t worry..exciting updates to come, so bear with me!

Being in college (or just being a human) has its ups and downs, but the most important part to me is staying sane. From worrying and keeping up with exams/assignments, to constantly maintaining all aspects of personal health alone, it can feel like your drowning — and sometimes no one will notice this. Not even yourself.

When all of our focus is out in the world and on deadlines, how do we know to tune in to our own bodies? How do we know when we are suffocating ourselves with stress?
How do we facilitate positive mental health practices without knowing if we truly need it?

So many questions.. but let’s get some answers. You’ve already taken the time to read this, so let’s begin a small activity while we’re at it.*

Take time to get to know yourself in this present moment

  1. Ask yourself how in control of your life do you feel right now
  2. Acknowledge how often you feel anxious, overwhelmed, or stressed
  3. Think about how you motivate yourself to reach your goals
  4. Ask yourself how you effectively communicate your negative or positive emotions about yourself & more

These 4 self-awareness check-ins allow me to quickly analyze where I stand with myself. If you’re finding that the answers to some of these check-ins are raising red flags, you might need to make a little extra time for yourself this week.

According to (, one with positive mental health should be able to:

  • Realize their full potential
  • Cope with the stresses of life
  • Work productively
  • Make meaningful contributions to their communities

Some indications of positive emotional health include the ability to:

  • Express feelings in appropriate ways
  • Connect with others
  • Be aware of emotions
  • Focus on positive aspects of life

If you are looking to boost your emotional and mental health, here are some sites I love:

  1. How to Look After Your Mental Health
  2. CDC has quiz to test your knowledge on myths and facts of mental health. Take it HERE.
  3. This site has great tips to boost your wellbeing and happiness

I hope that everyone has a great week and remember to take time for YOU!
The most important relationship you have is with yourself.

Thanks for reading!



*I am not a doctor or therapist, but the above are practices/activities I’ve done for a few years to keep up with my own health. If you believe you or a loved one are struggling with a mental illness, please contact a specialist.
National (U.S.) Suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255
Mental Health America – For a referral to specific mental health service or support program in your community  800-969-NMHA (6642)
National Alliance on Mental Illness – Provides support, information, and referrals
Phone Number: 800-950-NAMI (6264)

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